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Cetrea is expanding the number of emergency screens in Finland – the EDIMCU goes live by the end of February

The staff in the Emergency department intermediate care unit at Vaasa Central Hospital is very happy – by the end of February they will be joining their ER colleagues electronically, when they start using their new software installation from Cetrea. The system is delivered as a part of the Systematic contract and is aliased Columna Clinical Logistics, CCL.

The Cetrea solution, which has already created impressive results in the Emergency Department, will also in the intermediate care unit be available on touchscreen clients and stationary computers via the browser-based Anywhere platform. Consequently, the staff will have access to faster communication – both internally and across departments – through the inherent chat and note functionality, better overviews over today’s schedule and a far safer handling of patients and their hospital encounter.

Coherent patient flows since 2013

Since 2013 Vaasa Central Hospital has incorporated clinical logistics in the workflow in the Emergency Department, where more than 10 touchscreens keep nurses, coordinators and doctors in sync with today’s schedule. In 2015 the X-ray department joined in and with integrations to systems such as PAS, RIS and LAB even more information is available on the screens – limiting the need for disturbing phone calls and superfluous time spent on navigating through hospital databases and systems.


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