Cetrea signs large contract on Tracking

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In cooperation with the Danish companies Systematic, Lyngsoe Systems, and Lohfert & Lohfert, Cetrea has signed a large contract with the University Hospital of Aarhus and the Central Healthcare Region of Denmark. Cetrea is part of a consortium that will supply advance indoor tracking and logistics technology. The contract initially covers all seven hospitals in the Central Region, but can be used by the hospitals in other regions as well. Hence, this contract has a country-wide scope.

Cetrea is an Experience Supplier of Tracking Technology

Since 2006, Cetrea has been using real-time location tracking technology to improves work efficiency and quality in operating and emergency departments. This is optained by reducing waiting time and time spent searching for people and items in a hospital. At the emergency department in the Hospital of Horsens, Cetrea have deployed the first indoor location tracking system used for communication and coordination between clinical staff.

Exploiting Indoor Tracking in Clinical Logistics

This new contract provides Cetrea with a unique opportunity to further develop its tracking platform and move clinical logistics to the next generation. The new tracking system will provide context-aware information to the hospital staff on the location of personnel and equipment. In combination with the patient flow and workflow information from CCL4, this will provide a platform for efficient management of all critical parameters in a hospital; patients, staff, and equipment.

As part of the contract, Cetrea is to develop a set of new clinical logistisk applications, which will extend and supplement the current CCL4 product portefolio. For example, a special CCL4 module for handling porters, cleaning, and tranportation of equipment will be part of the CCL4 platform. As such, this contract contributes to the continued innovation and development of the Cetrea Clinical Logistics platform.

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